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The byDesign Experience

byDesign Films is passionate about capturing your projects on film and helping you achieve your goals because we’ve been there! We understand how hard Indigogo partners work to innovate the market, and you can expect that same level of dedication from us in creating buzzworthy films to promote your products. Our Emmy award-winning team has completed over 1,000 unique projects and will work to create a living visual representation of your “next big thing,” whether that’s an informative animated video, an in-action demo, or an exciting campaign pitch. We have local video teams scattered throughout the country, which means less travel for us and more savings for you. From concept and script development to full editing and color-grading, byDesign will be at your side bringing your innovation to life!

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What Our Clients Are Saying

“We chose byDesign Films because we wanted to tell a unique, thoughtful and heartfelt story. byDesign Films gave us a compelling story, not just a dry corporate video.”

Tanna Nguyen, Marketing Specialist

“byDesign Films was super helpful before we even got to Vegas. They helped us simply by asking, ‘What do you want these films to accomplish?’ Knowing that ahead of time helped us with our pre-show organization. From my perspective, this is just the kind of pre-show collaboration we needed to be organized and relaxed at the event.”

Paul Winston, Chief Commercial Officer

“We loved the communication and collaboration we had with byDesign Films. We had the ideas, and they gave us the strategic video expertise.”

Gary Batara, Manager of Marketing & Design - Guckenheimer

“It was a pleasure working with the byDesign Films team! Thank you for making this event a really great one for us, in ways we couldn’t have guessed!

Jay Weintraub, CEO

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